What comes to your mind when people talk about Craigmillar, Edinburgh? You’re right: it’s one of Scotland’s best-preserved medieval castles. Here’s something you may not know of. Have you heard of an art organisation that is doing fantastic work in the Greater Craigmillar area?

Craigmillar Community Arts (CCA) is working with the intention of discovering artists among the residents. CCA encourages, supports and promotes the local artistic talents for a higher purpose. Using arts as tools, CCA inspires confidence and teach technical and social skills. Not only does it provide opportunities for self-expression and education, but it also develops the individuals. And in so doing, the whole community is developed as well.

So, what does CCA do?

They organise and conduct workshops in the various arts. These include creative writing, drawing, painting, photography, pottery, screen printing, drama and music. CCA also produce art exhibitions, community musicals, concerts, theatre shows and pantomimes. Others include projects involving the arts and the environment.

One of the better-known events in Edinburgh is the annual Craigmillar Community Festival in the greater Craigmillar Area. This is organised in partnership with other local groups to showcase local talent. By providing a venue for the artists to showcase what they can do, CCA is giving them opportunities. Not to mention, the event itself attracts tourists to come, which helps the local economy.

CCA wasn’t always in the Greater Craigmillar Area. It used to be housed in the Arts Centre, Newcraighall. But they have since moved to occupy the former Craigmillar Primary School, which has been refurbished as a Social Enterprise and Community Arts Centre. This is more adequate facility with its own gallery/exhibition area and a community theatre/performance space.

The success of CCA can be credited to the dedicated volunteers who have given their time and exerted tremendous effort in making the visions of CCA a reality.