Visual Arts: Where to Start

If you’re looking to develop a skill that not only helps you pay the bills but can manifest multiple health and wellbeing benefits, then you need to be looking at the world of visual arts. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to either take a class or delve into arts all on your own because the benefits are endless. Build your mental strength with exercises that provide the equivalent to hours of mdownload-84editation by learning and developing your skills in this field.

If you’re looking to become a well rounded artist, there are specific mediums and products that you should start getting acquainted with in order to ensure you are following the designated learning curve. Sometimes, artists skip ahead or become developed in a specific side-skill but if you are looking to be an artist who can complete multiple styles you should start here.

Although graphite pencils are often the go-to for people looking to draw, charcoal is one of the first materials that most artists become comfortable with. Charcoal is one of the first mediums used throughout history as it is widely available and can be manipulated in many different fashions. Although it may seem messier than using a pencil, charcoal will show clear development in your use of tone and greyscale. Understanding tone and greyscale is an important place to begin as it sets the base for using colour and all other mediums.

Moving from charcoal to ink wash, the understanding of tone is essential as ink wash leaves little room for error. Ink is inexpensive, making it one of the most used mediums in history. It is important to exercise and practice these skills in developing different tones by diluting the ink with water and using bamboo brushes. When you are comfortable with your level of expertise in these two mediums, you will be able to tackle the mastery of other mediums in a much easier way.